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Can I purchase a policy and place the coverage into effect in the same day?

We represent multiple insurance companies.  Every life insurance company is different.  We may be able to offer a temporary life insurance agreement that will bind coverage up to $1,000,000 prior to your policy approval.  To bind temporary coverage please advise as soon as possible so we can provide the proper paperwork.  To bind coverage we will generally need two months of premium along with a completed application.

Will I need to complete a medical exam?

A medical exam may be required in order to offer the best rate possible.  Our medical exam process is quick and easy.  A local examiner can meet you at your home or office for a quick medical exam.  The examiners are very professional and flexible.  We will work around your schedule.  In general, an exam will take twenty minutes and can be completed anytime day or night.

Why should I purchase a policy through when I can work with my local insurance agent?

Many of our customers come to us out of frustration.  A local insurance agent may quote a low rate and after two months of underwriting increase the premium to account for flying.  We work with pilots every day.  We only work with life insurance companies that offer the best rates for pilots. 

Do you offer policies for Aerial Applicators?

We understand aviation including Agricultural Aviation.  We have been working with aerial applicators since 1950.  Life insurance can be difficult for aerial applicators but our streamlined underwriting process along with our knowledge of aviation make purchasing life insurance a pleasant experience for the AG pilot. 

I fly commercially, do I qualify for a preferred premium?

We can offer preferred rates to commercial pilots.  We explain to the insurance companies just how safe flying can be.  We explain the safety features of each aircraft flown along with training and currency requirements of the FAA. 

I am a VFR pilot only.  Can I qualify for a preferred rate?

VFR pilots can qualify for preferred life insurance rates.  While an IFR rating will help, you may still be able to qualify for a preferred life insurance rate.

I hear life insurance ads on the radio all the time.  They advertise great low monthly rates.  Why should I get a quote from

It is important to work with a broker that understands aviation.  Many life insurance policies can exclude flying.  In almost all cases we are able to offer rates as good as or better than advertised on the radio.  Monthly payments are available.

Are life insurance quotes accurate?

We individually rate each insurance policy as accurately as possible.  We tailor each quote to fit each individual’s needs.  Even if your rate changes due to unforeseen medical problems we will work hard to offer the best rate available.

Do your life insurance policies cover only flying or are they all risk policies?

Our life insurance policies are written through only the largest and strongest life insurance companies in the world.  The policies are traditional standard life insurance policies covering all risks.

Why should I use a pilot life insurance specialist?

In order to obtain the best life insurance rate it is important to work with a broker who understands aviation.  We are experts at providing the pertinent flying information in a positive light for the underwriter.  We understand just how safe flying can be.