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Loss of Medical / Disability Insurance for Pilots

Why purchase a disability loss of medical plan:

Pilots are held to a different medical standard than the rest of the working population.  Minor medical issues that would not affect the average worker can have devastating consequences on pilots if they lose their medical certificate.  Pilot Disability Insurance can help ease these concerns. 

Pilot’s Disability insurance is far too often overlooked by professional pilots.   More so than in any other industry, pilots work in a highly unique and specialized field.  When a pilot loses his medical and is no longer able to fly for a living, his or her options can be very limited when it comes to another career.  With a pilot disability insurance policy you protect your way of life and income. 

Pilot Disability Insurance Case Study:

A professional pilot flying for a part 135 Charter operation based in the US.  His hard work as a professional pilot had finally started to pay off and he was receiving the salary he had hoped for when he had started out as a student pilot many years ago.  He contacted a few other brokers and was told that disability insurance is not available to commercial pilot who fly for a living.  After contacting us we were able to issue out a policy that covered his occupation as a professional pilot.