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Less Than Perfect Health

In some cases past or current health issues can make it difficult to obtain a fair quote for life insurance coverage.  We have a close relationship with underwriters at several companies.  We have explained to our underwriters that pilots, unlike the general population, are motivated to stay in good health to keep their medical current with the FAA.  It is this understanding that has helped us place many cases for pilots with medical issues.

Below are a few examples of the common health issues facing pilots that we work with every day:

Diabetes: Adult onset diabetes (or Type II) has become relatively common over the last few years.  Many companies are not comfortable quoting a pilot with type II diabetes.  We work with “A” rated insurance companies that have agreed to issue policies at competitive rates for type II diabetics who fly.  Our insurance companies are looking for “well-controlled” diabetics with a good A1C score and in general are not dependent on insulin.

Height / Weight: Many of our companies have recently changed their build charts to allow for a more flexible system when it comes to height and weight.  Taking into account your BMI, chest size, and bone structure to give you the best possible rates.

Cholesterol / Blood Pressure:  We can now offer a preferred best rating for pilots with well controlled blood pressure and cholesterol with or without medication.

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer is highly treatable when detected early and in most cases is a very insurable risk.  In most cases, companies will want to see that the prostate cancer has been treated with a prostatectomy or other treatment.  With a biopsy negative for cancer and your PSA score showing pre-cancer levels. 

Sleep Apnea: A big surprise to many pilots looking for life insurance is that a lot of companies have exclusions for aviation when there is a history of sleep apnea.  Working with a pilot life insurance specialist will help to make sure we are quoting your life insurance policy with a company that is ok with sleep apnea and pilots.