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Why Use a Pilot Life Insurance Specialist?

When you call our office, chances are you’ll be speaking with a pilot.  We are experts in placing life insurance policies for pilots.  We understand how safe flying an aircraft can be.  Actuarial statistics for aircraft and pilots can be difficult to analyze.  As an example, there are millions of cars on the road being operated by millions of drivers over billions of hours.  Statistics from such a large number are extremely accurate.  In the United States there are only around 250,000 general aviation aircraft and far fewer commercially flown aircraft.  These aircraft are flying only a fraction of the hours cars are driven.  Much of the underwriting, understandably, is educated guess work.  Most insurance companies see flying as a dangerous hobby or occupation and will offer an increased premium or not cover your flying activity at all. 

Our job as pilot life insurance specialists is to explain to the insurance companies just how safe flying can be and negotiate the best possible rate for our flying customers.