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Life Insurance for Private Pilots

In many cases, private pilots who purchase life insurance from a non-aviation specialist will end up not having coverage for their flying or paying more for this coverage at a later time.  Many times the non-aviation specialist will quote a low premium and after underwriting, the premium will be increased. 

The non-aviation broker and the majority of insurance companies don’t understand how safe flying can be.  The average private pilot flying a personally owned or rented aircraft for personal pleasure and business travel is not the “daredevil” that other insurance companies and the media make them out to be.  The average private pilot is a business owner or professional flying for fun.  Private pilots are not taking unknown or outrageous risks.  They fly for fun generally in good weather in well-maintained docile aircraft.  The average private pilot is flying to local familiar locations for pleasure taking little or no risk with weather.

Almost all private pilots fly for pleasure as a hobby.  As a pilot, you understand you are continually training.  The average private pilot is an aviation enthusiast who enjoys relaxing in the hangar and flying for fun.  Most private pilots fly with little or no passenger exposure or passenger distractions.  Private pilots fly almost all flights during daylight hours in good weather. 

Proven, well-maintained aircraft with modern equipment and slow, docile landing characteristics help well trained private pilots make flying an extremely safe hobby.  Life insurance rates through will reflect just how safe we know flying an aircraft is.